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Aspects of Consideration in Selecting a Good Kitesurfing School

After you decide to kitesurf, there are many decisions to make, for example, choosing your gear, a kite, board size, and location. However, your most important decision is which school to study in. There are many kitesurfing schools and even if they all look a perfect match, they are not the same. Due diligence is necessary for identifying a good kitesurf school.

Check how competent the instructors are. The first point to help you locate a suitable kitesurf school is to ask whether their instructors are certified. Most kitesurf schools carry some certification; however, it is vital to ensure individual instructors are certified. It would be wise to know the instructor a kitesurf school wishes to allocate you before the high season. This is because many travellers acquire certification to teach as they travel. During high season, schools are understaffed, hence employing any instructor who comes their way to cushion the demand, something that means you can get the wrong instructor. The right instructor will be able to offer helpful training and rescue you in case of trouble.

Ask about the kitesurf school’s pedagogy and lesson plans. Padalogy elements are vital to consider when searching for a kitesurf school. Ask a potential school about its teaching process and particular goals. What are the particular goals of every lesson? What will be taught? Is there a clear suggestion of the skill a newbie has to master to become a skilful and safety-conscious kitesurfer? What’s the order in which one should acquire these skills? How does this school measure skill acquirement and readiness for the next phase? Can this kitesurf school guarantee a given skill level after you finish the course, for instance, being able to journey downwind for a few minutes, mastering the water start, and more? These queries are often addressed by the certification framework a kitesurf school adheres to. Not every kitesurf school, however, has the same degree of understanding and mastery of these elements, and some will merely leave it to the instructor they assign you.

Be keen on group composition and size. Another very imperative factor in choosing a kitesurf school is the group. As a starter, you will probably opt to learn in groups since they are cost-effective and simpler to reserve in the high season compared to private or semi-private ones. Some kitesurf schools, however, allocate each tutor as many as six learners, which results in minimal individual time, advice, and attention. Thus, it is vital to ask about the maximum student-to-tutor ratio. You should also be keen on the kite-to-learners ratio. You will practice with a single kite as a group, so, it is important to know how many students will share a kite. If there are many students for a kite, you will practice and learn less. Moreover, check the composition of the group you will learn with to ensure they have the same skillset as you. A good school will never mix students of different levels of learning. These tips will see you locate a good kitesurf school.

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